Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mystery blur in sattelite images

Saw this blog post on Zagg about blurred areas in Google Maps satellite images.

Funny, the image on Google is blurred, but Microsoft (Bing) is showing it.  Yahoo is terrible resolution, and is missing an entire section.

The only thing I see is an array of four vertical structures in a diamond shape, pointing roughly NE.  There are three smaller vertical structures in and around the larger four.

Antennae?  Hunting for or talking to subs?  Launchers?  Who knows?

But if it's so hush-hush, why is there a 2009 image that's unblurred?

There used to be some mining in that area, then it died off.  Wikipedia says the population has grown back in recent years.

The plot thickens.

Google Map's image with 2011 copyright watermark
Yahoo's image marked 2009. (

Microsoft's image, marked 2009.  Notice diamond shape indicated by yellow arrow.

No clue what it is, or why so secret.  Any ideas?